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Is eating Pizza Healthy or Unhealthy?

Pizza is among the most loved foods not only in America but the whole world. In fact, it has been there for so many years, it was a group of Italian migrants who introduced the dish and it received so many appraisals. Today, millions of slices are sold every day throughout the world. This dish has a high amount of calories that have to lend to its classification as a junk food. But the fact is that high consumption of pizza is unhealthy to our bodies indeed experts dictate that pizza should not be consumed more than three times per month. Children require a variety of nutrients for them to grow healthy, and these nutrients should not solely come from pizza as more fruits and vegetables are required for them to develop.

This article will try to give light onto what extent pizza is healthy or unhealthy to the body.

The Quality of the Restaurant Kitchen:

Most people prefer eating pizzas from restaurants, and the first thing that makes any food healthy or unhealthy is the kitchen its made in and the quality of the food and equipment used while preparing it. The restaurant kitchen should be hygienic and clean. If you’re planning on opening your own restaurant make sure you find good commercial kitchen suppliers in Saudi Arabia.

Nutrients Found in Pizza

It is true that there are more nutrients in pizza than you can imagine. Consumers of this dish get as much fiber, protein, lycopene, fat, calcium, and saturated fat as they require. Actually, the amount of calcium taken into the body per day likely comes from pizza where it constitutes a third of the calcium consumed. In addition, it offers the body more than fifty percent of the recommended daily consumption of lycopene. Lycopene is a micronutrient and also antioxidant. Besides, both children and adults tend to get a significant amount of sodium from pizza.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to understand homemade pizzas are the large chief source of these nutrients. Most of the products that come from the factories are deemed to contain a lot of carbohydrates and saturated fats. This is because refined flour is used in the production of pizza other than wholemeal flour which contains a variety of nutrients beneficial to the body. This causes high cholesterol for the body which in turns leads to obesity. Also, a leading cause of diabetes which is caused by elevated sugars.

Pizza can do not tend to give so many nutrients that the body would require but for homemade one at least consuming once per week can be beneficial to the body. This does not promote it as a healthy product preferably when other products such as fruits and vegetable can give the same nutrients for the body.

Adverse Effects of Consuming Pizza

Now that you know consuming pizza is unhealthy for your body if it is not homemade or without the right nutrient it is imperative to realize the negative effects of consuming this product.

Increases Blood Pressure

Pizza contains sodium as a nutrient but high intake of sodium can elevate blood pressure levels. The recommended daily intake of sodium by an expert is 1500 mg while pizza contains up to 598 mg of sodium. This is beyond the recommended amount to be consumed per day thus limiting consumption of pizza can limit you from increased blood pressure levels.

The Danger of Suffering from Heart Disease

Pizza is a satisfying food that fills your stomach and it’s hard not to imagine consuming even a single slice per day due to its convincing taste. Excessive consumption of pizza is harmful to the body as it leads to cholesterol build up in the body. This increases the chance of getting heart disease and far of it is linked to causing obesity.

Other pizza toppings such as meat and pepperoni increase the number of saturated fats and cholesterol in the body. Processed meats have both salts and nitrites and continued consumption of these products can cause heart disease and cancer.

Increase in the Glycemic Index

Since most of the pizza consumed is from the fast food chain, the type of flour is refined one opposed to the wholemeal flour used for homemade pizza. Refined flour has no fiber and its absence means high Glycemic Index. As a result, the blood glucose is affected. A single slice of pizza elevates the blood pressure for six hours.

The digestive enzymes simplify the simple carbs by breaking them down and converting them into sugars. The body absorbs the number of sugars that it needs for the body and the unused sugars are turned into fats. The fats are stored in the abdomen; therefore, increased consumption of refined grains leads to an increased amount of fats stored in the abdomen risking type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease.

Generally speaking, pizza is unhealthy especially if it is consumed from the fast food chains. Including pizza in your diet should be regulated this means that it should not be like a staple food consuming it every now and them, utmost four times a month should be the recommended number of times to eat this food. When ordering a pizza it’s imperative to be cautious about your health thus order one with a lot of vegetables, thin crust, limited cheese and lean mean like that of chicken. Also remember, to avoid taking pizza when going to sleep, during the day it becomes better as the calories are well utilized by the body.

12 Surprising Facts About Pizza

Pizza is a meal that is loved by many people around the world. It is delicious and cheesy in most pizza outlets. Pizza is customizable as you can add your favorite toppings to come up with a meal that you will enjoy. If you consider yourself a lover of pizza, you might want to know some interesting facts about pizza. The following information could help you learn about the nutritional value and origin of pizza.

1. Pizza originated from Naples Italy

The first documented pizza outlet was opened in the nineteenth century in Italy. It started out as a poor man’s food since bread, garlic and tomatoes were cheap and available on the streets of Naples. Research has shown that the first pizzeria was opened in Port’Alba, Naples. This is where the pizza Margherita was first created.

2. Twelve thousand dollars is the highest amount ever paid for one pizza.

This pizza is made in your house by Chef Renato Viola and one of his sous chefs. This type of pizza is so delicious that you could take a loan to pay for it. The toppings on this pizza include seas cicada, several types of caviar, red prawns and Mediterranean lobster. Surprisingly, the diameter of this pizza is only eight inches.

3. The world’s largest pizza is a hundred and thirty-one feet in diameter.

It is also gluten-free. The largest pizza was created in Italy, which is not surprising considering it is the home of pizza. Dovillio Nardi led the team of chefs who made this pie. This pie was a little over fifty thousand pounds where it included close to twenty thousand pounds of flour. Moreover, ten thousand pounds of tomato sauce, eighty-eight thousand pounds of mozzarella cheese, fifteen hundred pounds of margarine made up the toppings. Not to forget over five hundred pounds of salt, two hundred pounds of lettuce and fifty pounds of vinegar. According to the amount the ingredients, it must have been extraordinary huge. It was named Ottavia.

4. 5% of children in the United States consume pizza for breakfast.

Pizza is considered a meal that should be consumed for dinner by most adults. However, kids and teenagers consume pizza as their predominant meal. They eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Clearly, something needs to be done about this situation.

5. The consumption of pizza has increased cheese consumption.

The intake of cheese has doubled by over forty percent since 1995. The USDA released a report showing that most Americans acquire calcium from eating large quantities of cheese found in the pizza.

6. Pizza become popular in the US after World War 2

Until after the World War 2, you could rarely find pizza in America. The soldiers that were deployed in Italy from America began enjoying pizza while they were there. They brought with them the idea of making pizza in the US which has become the most popular meal today.

7. Pizza was considered a vegetable by the government.

Surprising, right? In 2011 the US government categorized pizza as a vegetable. This is because it contained more than two tablespoons of tomato sauce. The government required a certain amount of vegetables in school meals, and pizza passed the test. It is even ridiculous that tomato sauce is considered a vegetable too.

8. $1268 in the highest amount of tip a pizza delivery guy received.

Quite a large amount of money for delivering two pizzas worth twelve dollars each. James Gilpin was the lucky guy. He delivered pizza to a Wesleyan University where the students contributed $1268 to tip the guy.

9. Mozzarella cheese has the best baking properties.

It is actually considered as one of the most superior type of cheese across the world. Research done by several scientists discovered that mozzarella has excellent baking properties when put on pizza. This is mainly because it has a high moisture content, low fat and is elastic in nature.

10. Domino’s has over thirty-four million ways to make pizza.

Basically, you can eat a different type of pizza every day for the rest of your life from this pizza outlet. Surprisingly, you will barely get to eat a quarter of the different pizza combinations. Domino’s provides different ways of creating pizzas for their customers.

11. NASA funded the invention of a 3D printer that can create pizza for astronauts.

While deep in space, astronauts crave for pizza too. As a result, NASA contracted a tech company that would create a 3D printer that makes food and more importantly pizza. This 3D printer is so fast that it can make pizza in less than half the time an average pizza chef would do. The astronauts tested out this printer which surprisingly worked in space.

12. White people consume more pizza than black or Hispanic people.

This research was concluded on adults only. Twelve percent of white adults consume pizza daily compared to eight percent of black adults and nine percent of Hispanics.

5 Different Types of Pizza from Around the World

Pizza originated from Italy and has now become a dish that many people around the world love. Italian cooks were empowered to create a modern pizza which led to its first breakthrough. Centuries later, pizza got to America where it is considered one of the most popular foods. Currently, pizza has become a common meal all across the world. It has undergone numerous transformations depending on a city or country. However, as much as pizza may be cooked differently in many parts of the world, there is still the original process of its creation. This has been preserved by the Italian Government and cooks from Napoli.

The following article will discuss some of the different types of pizza around the world.

1. Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan is the first pizza that was ever created. It dates back to the eighteenth century in Italy. The law protects Neapolitan pizza in Europe as it is considered a national heritage. The poor people of Italy mainly consumed it as they could only afford tomatoes, garlic, cheese, and bread. These products were cheap and readily available on the streets. There are different versions of Neapolitan pizza which include:

  • Pizza Margherita – It features mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Pizza Marinara – It features tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and virgin olive oil.

Neapolitan pizza is thin in nature and does not include too many toppings. It is eaten using a fork and knife rather than the conventional use of hands.

2. Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza is mostly known as deep dish pizza. It was invented in the early nineteenth century by some Italian immigrants. They were looking to recreate the Neapolitan pizza but added a twist to it. Rather than making a thin crust, they made the crust thicker with raised edges. The toppings were also quite different as they included a mozzarella lining on the dough, meat, vegetables, and crushed tomatoes. All these happened with the help of a man name Sewell which lead to the creation of Pizzeria Uno.
It is important to note that this pizza is different from the rest since the toppings are found underneath the tomato sauce. Commonly used toppings on this pizza include pepperoni, green peppers, ground beef, mushrooms, and sausages. Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on top of the tomato sauce in some areas.

3. Greek pizza

You might think Greek pizza originated from Greece, but no! Greek pizza has barely any Greek toppings on it. Surprisingly, it is also not a common meal around the Mediterranean area.

However, it was invented by Greek immigrants who had moved to America. Their inspiration came from the Italian Pizza. Greek Pizza is made in a unique way rather than following the same procedure applied when making the Chicago pizza. Greek pizza comprises a puffy and chewy crust. The toppings include tomato paste, oregano, mozzarella can cheddar cheese. The Greek pizza is not limited adding other toppings as it can handle the weight. An addition of red onion, black olives, and feta cheese will go a long way to making it more delicious.

4. Sicilian Pizza

The Sicilian pizza is mostly viewed to as being similar to the Chicago pizza. This is not the case. Well, for starters, this pizza is square, quite unique, right? It has a thicker and spongier crust compared to other pizzas. Typical toppings on the Sicilian pizza are tomato sauce, herbs, onions and anchovies which are then covered with breadcrumbs. The thick crust allows for the addition of your favorite toppings. It is commonly served on major holidays such as Christmas in Sicily. All around the year. Sicilian pizza is eaten with a combination of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

5. California Pizza

The California pizza does not include the traditional toppings. It was invented in the late ‘70’s in an Italian Restaurant. The inventor, Chef Ed LaDou had a different idea when creating pizza. He decided to create a pizza that included various types of toppings that had never been served before. These included mustard, pate, and ricotta. A few more experimentation with pizza led to the creation of over two hundred and fifty pizza recipes.

The California pizza gives every individual a chance to create their ideal pizza. You can add any kind of toppings you wish for including barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce.