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Pizza Lasagna Recipe

Are you looking for a healthy way of satisfying your cravings for Italian foods? Pizza lasagna is one of the nutritious, set, wonderful and healthiest Italian foods. There are many health benefits of taking these foods. There are different servings and topping options that can help you in fitting pizza into a healthy lifestyle. For instance, most people add salads on pizza to create healthy and delicious meals.

Ingredients Used

  • 2 large eggs
  • 9 cooked, lasagna noodles
  • Non-fat cottage cheese
  • Pizza seasoning-for adding taste
  • 1.5 lbs ground, cooked turkey breast
  • Pizza sauce
  • One package reduced-fat turkey pepperoni
  • Four cups of shredded, reduced-fat mozzarella

Cooking Instructions

  • Preheat the oven to about 250 degrees
  • Combine eggs, 0.25 cup pizza seasoning, cottage cheese, and cottage cheese in a bowl. Mixing is done with a mixture to achieve a smooth and creamy product.
  • Spread 0.25 cup pizza sauce on your baking dish- the recommended baking dish has a surface area of 9×13
  • Layer three noodles on top of your sauce
  • On top of your noodles, spread 1/3 of your cottage cheese mixture
  • Evenly spread the tiny bit of pizza sauce on your cottage cheese mixture. About ¼ of the shredded cheese is spread on the top. Layer in about 1/4 of the cooked, ground turkey and then top it with a third of pepperoni.
  • Repeat these layers for 2 more time: 1/3 cottage cheese, 3 noodles, ¼ mozzarella, 1/3 ground turkey, and 3 noodles. You can finish off with the remaining- ¼ mozzarella and pepperoni if desired.

Important Notes

Additional lasagne can be prepared by replacing non-fat cottage cheese with ricotta- This does not alter the macronutrients of pizza lasagne. Ground, cooked turkey can be subbed for chicken, beef or sausage

You can swap the ground, cooked turkey for tofurkey slices or soy crumble to make this food more vegetarian-friendly.

Making a Healthier Pizza Lasagna

Most people think that lasagna is not health food, but this is not true since it is loaded with proteins, carbs and other essential nutrients. Again, this food is digested and absorbed easily by the body. Wheat noodles can be used instead of white noodles which are digested rapidly. This is the best way of stabilizing your blood sugar. Foods that are digested very fats are known for causing blood sugar spikes. The use of cheese should also be limited to reduce fat intake.

Why Do You need to add Spinach to Lasagna?
You can enjoy your delicious meal with vegetarian friends by adding leafy greens like spinach. This will also allow you to enjoy your meal with individuals who are intolerant to Solanaceae. Chefs can reduce the time spent in preparing this meal by using cheese and spinaches.

Nutritional Facts and Servings Suggestions
The prepared food can make four servings. The serving size of ¼ tray weighs 283 g.

Lasagna Nutrients
Pizza lasagna is one of the delicious foods for many people. It contains hearty noodles, flavourful tomato sauce, meats and range of vegetables. The nutrients content of this meal depends on its ingredients.

Fat and Protein
Lasagna is a good source for dietary fat and protein. These proteins are broken down by the body into amino acids, which are helpful in maintaining healthy tissues throughout the body. The protein content in this meal depends on how much cheese and meat. Additionally, mozzarella cheese and grid beef is a source of fats. It is advisable to limit the usage of these products.

Pizza lasagna is loaded with carbohydrates-starch and sugar. Most of them come from noodles. The tomato sauce used has a small amount of carbs. These carbohydrates are helpful in providing the energy needed by the cells. It is used by the cells to fuel their daily functions.

Minerals and Vitamins
The meat, pasta, tomato sauce, and cheese in pizza lasagna contain B vitamins. These are the essential nutrients that are helpful in driving the body’s metabolism. Beef is a source of iron which promotes healthy circulation. You can add vegetables like red pepper, and zucchini into your piazza to boost the nutrient intake.

The following is an outline of the nutritional facts of pizza lasagna:

  • Total calories-440
  • Calories from fats- 171 (38.9%)


  • Net carbs-41g
  • Fiber 4g-17%

Minerals and vitamins

  • Calcium 350mg-35%
  • Vitamin C-22.5mg 38 %
  • Vitamin A- 180mg 20%
  • Iron 2mg 25%


  • Total fats 19g
  • Cholesterol 85mg
  • Saturated fats 10g
  • Sodium 12.5 g

Protein 27 g